Content Management

WordPress LogoWho wants to have to hire a web developer every time they want to fix a typo or change a picture on their website?  No website is every truly finished.    That’s why building your website with a Content Management System (CMS) can save you an enormous amount of money, and not just in the long run.

The CMS I use to build my sites is an open source solution called WordPress, which makes editing content, and even adding functionality a breeze.  To make a change, you literally just have to type what you want into a text box and hit a “Publish” button.  That’s it.  Zero knowledge of code required.

In addition to being incredibly easy to maintain, since it’s open source, WordPress sites have an enormous developer community behind them, meaning there are thousands of ready-made “plug-ins” that can do almost anything you need for your site.  This includes everything from custom menus, to e-commerce, to entire communities that can interact with one another.  Why re-invent the wheel?

I am an “elite” member of the second largest WordPress community on the web: wpmudev,  which costs $420 per year.  As a result, I have access to hundreds of premium themes, plug-ins, and widgets that will make your site truly make an impression.  Normally, you would have to pay for these extra services, but thanks to this membership it won’t cost you a dime.

Benefits of using WordPress as your CMS

  • Easy to Maintain – Creating and editing content just like using Microsoft Word. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • SEO Friendly – As the most popular CMS, WordPress gets lots of Google love
  • Security – With its code constantly scrutinized by the open source community, nothing gets through the cracks
  • Lower Cost – Being open source means WordPress and many of its features are FREE.  And since I’m a “elite” member of wpmudev, you can most of the paid features for free as well.
  • Flexibility – Everything is completely editable, down to the last bit of functionality.  Nothing is ever set in stone.


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