I have been working with websites since 2009.  Since then, I have worked with clients on projects ranging from logo creation to new websites and email campaigns.  For a full description of my skills and experience, along with my resume, please visit the “Who Is David?” page.

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Bank of America – (visit site)

While I can’t show you exactly what my work entails at Bank of America, please keep in mind that the bulk of my time is spent working on bankofamerica.com as a User Interface Specialist. In a nutshell, that means I make the site look exactly how how the business wants it to look. If you use Bank of America, I work on the pages that display all your account information, such as your checking in savings account transactions.

Fathers’ Uplift – (visit site)

Dennis von  Elgg, LAc – (visit site)

Skillville Games – (visit site)

Healthwise Acupuncture – (visit site)