Discounts for Green Businesses

As a “green” business, I know that sometimes it’s not easy to do what’s best for the environment. That’s why I want to reward you for your efforts, up to a 30% discount off your total bill from any of my services.  I know not all of the items below apply to all businesses, so I made sure to include more than 10 opportunities to get a discount.

To calculate your discount, see how many of the following criteria you meet. Each criteria is worth a 3% discount, up to a maximum of 30%.

  1. Does your business or organization recycle?
  2. Does it compost?
  3. Does it use some form of alternate energy (solar, wind, etc.)?
  4. Does the company turn off lights automatically when nobody is around?
  5. Has the company installed low-flush toilets and/or water restrictors on faucets and shower heads?
  6. Does the company buy as many recycled and post-consumer products as possible?
  7. Does it use reusable items in at least three places? (ex: washable napkins, rechargeable batteries, packing material, etc.)
  8. Is your business located in a LEED certified building?
  9. Has the company changed chemical products to ones that have a lower impact on the environment? (ex: natural cleaners)
  10. Do at least one third of your employees work from home, commute by bike, or by public transportation?
  11. Does the company donate to environmental charities (or is it one)?
  12. Does the company organize or get involved with environmentally-oriented volunteer opportunities for staff and/or the community?
  13. If the company has a car, does it keep it well maintained and recycle its automotive fluids?
  14. Does the company actively remove itself from mailing lists to reduce junk mail?
  15. Finally, does the company have an active plan that it is currently  being implemented to make your operations “greener?”

When we talk to discuss your bill, please be sure to mention how well you scored on this evaluation so I can apply the discount to your invoice.  I will ask that you please tell me how you meet each of these criteria, but I will not snoop around your office to see if you’re being honest.  Please do not abuse this system and ruin it for everyone.

If you’re looking for more discounts, remember that you can qualify for multiple industry discounts in the Discounted Industries section.  You can also get a discount if you sign up for my mailing list.  One place to do this is on the Home Page.

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