Discounted Industries

There are four types of customers I am especially interested in working with.  This is for two reasons:

  1. I have experience, tools, and skill sets that help me fill these customers’ needs
  2. I feel that our future depends on these groups, and therefore get immense pleasure from working with them

Green Businesses

Let’s face it, if all businesses gave a hoot about the environment, our planet wouldn’t be in the shape we find it in today.  I’ve worked for four years at organizations that were actively working to save the planet, and they were some of the most fulfilling of my life.  I want to make sure this planet is still green and blue for the next several generations, and am therefore happy to extend up to a 30% discount to businesses and non-profits that are making an active effort to protect this planet in some way. The “greener” you are, the bigger your discount will be.  Click here to calculate your discount.

K-12 Schools

I have partnered with SmartEDU, which is a company that has been bringing web and software solutions to schools for over a decade.  As a result, I can offer schools several benefits that are specially tailored to their needs, such as systems to track their staff’s PDP credits, survey systems to fulfill state requirements, and much more.  But in addition to being able offer schools special features, I also feel a personal connection with schools: both of my parents were teachers for over 20 years, so for me, education definitely hits close to home.  I know budgets are tight in the education sector these days, so as a school, you can enjoy a 15% discount on any of my services.

Health Practitioners

Acupuncturists, dentists, chiropractors, and other practitioners who want to build their presence on the web are the people I’m talking about here.  This country has chosen to depend on its healers rather than take responsibility for their health.  As a result, you need all the help you can get.  I am happy to give all health practitioners a 15% discount on any of my services.

Small Businesses and Start Ups

If your company has fewer than 10 employees and/or has been around for less than a year, you’re who I’m talking about.  The US economy depends on your success and innovation.  I have worked in more than one start-up, so I know how much blood, sweat and tears go into trying to build a company.  I’m very sensitive to the fact that money is a rarity in the start-up environment, so if you’d like, we can negotiate to exchange my services in exchange for equity or stock options.  If you’re one of the lucky ones and have gotten your hands on some funding, I’ll lessen my impact by giving you a 10% discount.

PS – Discounts are cumulative up to 30%, so if you’re a health practitioner who has been in business for less than a year, you can get the discounts that apply to small businesses and health practitioners!

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